Dear Business Owner:

As the new Fire Chief of the City of Rio Vista I would like to introduce myself to you. I have assumed the duties of the Fire Marshal as part of my responsibilities to the citizens and businesses of and operating within Rio Vista. In order to comply with various portions of the California Health and Safety Code and the Uniform Building Code (Title 24, Part 9 is the Fire Code) which govern my abilities and define my responsibilities for fire prevention we will be revamping our inspection and permitting processes. This will help keep the citizens and customers that do business with you in and around your building safe from fire and accidents.

The business inspection and permitting programs are critical in the Department’s Fire Prevention Program. There are seven goals of the Fire Prevention Program:

  • obtain proper life safety conditions,
  • keep fires from starting,
  • keep fires from spreading,
  • determine adequacy and maintenance of fire protection systems,
  • pre-plan firefighting procedures,
  • stimulate cooperation between owners, occupants and the Fire Department, and,
  • assure compliance with fire protection and life safety codes, standards and regulations.

There will be an informational meeting at the Fire Station on May 27th at 6:30pm for people to ask questions or get more information. Of course, you are welcome to come by or call any day for more information also.

I want to assure you of my commitment to these goals and to the continued efforts of protecting life, property and the environment. Included with this letter is a description of each program, a helpful checklist that you can use to prepare for your annual fire inspection and a list of permit types that we would like you to return to us along with updated address / contact information so we can better understand the nature of your business and how it relates to the fire code.

Thank you and please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Sincerely,  Alan B. Hartford – Fire Chief